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Make It Happen 

Solutions Toward A Naturally Healthy World

Whether you want to launch your first product line or need a secondary source of

Contract Manufacturing

Nutra Solutions USA is your right choice to move forward.

Our Mission 


To provide pure, high quality, safe, and effective, science-backed dietary supplement products. We make sure our manufacturing and relevant services bring truly natural products in the market to improve people's lives and build a healthy world.

Our Aim


Our aim is to understand quality-conscious perceptive business needs and to successfully meet those. Our dedicated service team has right mix of functional knowledge, technical expertise, professional approach, and result-oriented service experience. We are committed to efficiently fulfilling customer orders by performing outstanding reliability throughout the entire project from planning, developing, manufacturing, testing, and shipping.

Manufacturing, Private Labeling and Turn Key Services


Nutra Solutions USA is a global supplier and developer of premium dietary supplements, nutraceutical, sports nutrition, and functional nutritional products. We are a US based direct manufacturing company located in Deer Park, New York. We offer a wide range of nutraceutical product support with world-class quality manufacturing and technical services.


Nutra Solutions USA offers uniquely tailored and personalized services to all of our domestic and international customers. Product integrity is maintained by premier quality testing, guided by cGMP and FDA standards.

Products are offered as bulk and as a finished package in the form of tablets, capsules, soft gels, gummies, and powder mixes.

Our highly trained production team has over 25 years of experience operating under strict cGMP guideline in our climate controlled facility. We use our experience, technology, procedures, and resources to meet the challenges of complex formulations. 

Our Specialties 

Our enthusiastic team of talented professionals has wealth of experience in vitamins and nutritional products, phytochemistry, microbiology, herbal medicine, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, providing us with a solid scientific basis for research and development. Through extensive research and the use of innovative technologies and formulations, we are committed to developing evidence-based natural health products that are safe, effective, and of superior quality.

R&D Team 

We are passionate about new product development, often with ingredients that are clinically tested and science backed for natural health benefits.  Our R&D capability and 25+ years of manufacturing expertise is what differentiates us from our competitors.  We specialize in developing new and innovative products that are strategically positioned in an emerging market and manufacturing them to the highest standards in the industry.


Our Promise 

To operate under strict cGMP guidelines and produce an end product of best quality with the promise of customer satisfaction. Our industry expertise and quality assurance policy follow through each phase of your project. Undivided attention is given to product safety guidelines and current FDA labeling & packaging regulations. The end product we deliver to you holds unparalleled quality and excellence. 

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