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Solutions Toward  A Naturally Healthy World

Contract Manufacturing

Nutra Solutions USA is your right choice to move forward.

Nutra Solutions USA takes pride of direct manufacturing, private labeling, and packaging of more than 600 botanical concentrated extract, in purest liquid form. These herbal concentrations are available as single extract or in combinations for specific health conditions. Our team of formulation chemist and doctors hold years of experience in this field with comprehensive thorough knowledge of Eastern and Western herbs. We specialized in producing -

          Full-Spectrum Herbal tinctures in                           comply with US Herbal Pharmacopeia

         Standard and concentrated liquid herbal                extract.

         Botanical liquid extracts in Water, Vinegar,            Glycerin and Alcohol.

          Nascent Iodine, homeopathic liquids and               cell salts/cell minerals.

          Essential Oils are filled and labeled in                     bottles of 5ml to 750ml bottles, with                       dropper/screw cap or spray nozzles.

The  core of our practice is the supply of top quality herbal extracts and essential oils to our clients. We have our own laboratory, which we use for our quality assurance and to study the properties and qualities of herbal extractions.

We are able to manufacture a wide range of batch sizes, from small up to medium-large scale, depending on method of requirements.

GMP laboratory analyses are carried in our site with an ever increasing range of specialized skill and sophistication.

Every products comes with Certificates of Analysis and Manufacturing Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

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