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Solutions Toward A Naturally Healthy World

Whether you want to launch your first product line or need a secondary source of

Contract Manufacturing

Nutra Solutions USA is your right choice to move forward.

Formulation and New Product Development

Our formulation support teams are highly skilled doctors, scientists, chemists and certified nutritionist. Their highest degree of academic qualifications combines with decades of formulation experience and chemistry knowledge in the natural health and wellness.

Our R&D Team is Fully Engaged in - 

New Product Formulation and Testing

Ingredient Research and Testing

Product Benefits and Scientific Evaluation

Reverse Engineering of Existing Ones


Reverse Engineering

We have a huge range of worldwide sourced raw material suppliers in our network. Whether you’re looking to develop and manufacture a brand-new product, improve your existing supplement categories, or reverse-engineer an existing product our formulators, chemist and production engineers are standing by.

Innovation Moves Fast at Our Hand. 

We stay ahead of industry trends with cutting edge research on product safety and efficacy, clinical studies, and points of differentiation during making a new product. Our R&D team is intensely focused on nutrient bioavailability during ingredient selection and formulation. Products are formulated with the target ingredient and effective dosage amount. The team personally communicates with our clients, network of doctors, certified suppliers, production technicians and marketing team to make your nutritional supplement concept a reality.

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