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Solutions Toward A  Naturally Healthy World

Whether you want to launch your first product line or need a secondary source of

Contract Manufacturing

Nutra Solutions USA is your right choice to move forward.

Purity & Potency - The Perfect Solution 

Our team of nutritionists are industry-leading professionals, each with their own area of expertise in nutritional Ready-to-Mix drink blends. They allow you to fully customize your blend recipe items, including protein types, vitamins & minerals, and fruits & vegetables.  Collaborating with our R&D and marketing team they work deligently with the flavoring and sweetening profiles to develop a unique drink mix with great flavor and texture. 

High-Quality Ingredients


We offer hundreds of different nutritional blend mixes with access to all natural flavor combinations. We select the best natural ingredients and organic ingredients. 

Healthy Life Style


We provide vegan, vegetarians, and others seeking for gluten free, natural or organic supplements - we provide you with healthy diet lifestyle ingredient options so you can optimize your health and total fitness goals.

Sports Nutrition and Safety


We are committed to the health and well being of our customers. Dosages are selected based on accepted daily intake levels. We are well versed with the supplement restrictions imposed on athletes by the NCAA, Sports Organizations and the Olympic Committees.  

Fitness & Weight Control 

Our experienced and brilliantly talented nutritionists can customize pre-workout, post-workout and weight-management meal replacement blend. We use high quality micellar casein, WPI & WPC, and vegan protein blend that are non-GMO and derived form a natural source.

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