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Custom Packaging & Labeling Solutions 

How do we ensure the highest quality standards in the packaging and labeling process?

Packaging Team - Our experienced team determines the best packaging technique.

Review Board - Structure and functions of your label claims are reviewed for accuracy and FDA compliance.

Equipment - High-speed fully automated complete packaging & labeling lines and handle plastic and glass bottles, jars and cainsters of every size for tablets, capsules and powder filling processes.

Custom Blister Packaging - A cost-effective way to showcase your product with great protection and long shelf life. Each tablet and capsule is individaually sealed in the blister card with the safety statement "Do not use if cut or broken". 

We offer blister sealing options as blister cards and foil backing. Let us determine which blister style is best for your product and we will get it done to your exact requirment. 

Sachets and Fin Packaging  - Sachets are single- serving packs that accomodate multiple pills and are user friendly for consumers.  

The fin pack packaging style holds various types of products; including tablets, capsules and powder mixes. 

Artwork can be printed directly on the film; which is great for periodic distribution. 

Pouches & Sticks  - Pouch packaging is multiple-layered stand-up bags that protects your product from punctures, moisture, air, odor, and even UV light. 

Stick packages are produced using flexible film of paper or plastic that is suitable for powdered and granulated products. 

Pressure-Sensitive Labels  - We design pressure-sensitive labels in rolls with a variety of materials, colors and sizes. Whatever your vision is, our expert graphic designers and digital printing can bring it to life with exact FDA labeling compliance. 

Must Know - If you're new to the dietary supplement industry, you can expect a working partnership when you choose our solution services. Label unwind direction is a very important technical aspect when deciding how to print your label. NSUSA generally uses label unwinding position #3.

The diagram on your left explains different unwinding positions for the labeling process.


To find out more about our packaging solution offerings, please e-mail us. We will reply within one business day. 

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