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Solutions Towards Naturally Healthy World

          Natural  Flavors 


          Allergen Free


          Gluten Free 


          Bulk & Bottled 

          cGMP Compliant 


Soft Gels are dosage delivery systems made up of a liquid or a semi-solid matrix inside a onepiece outer soft gelatin or plant based shell. Advantages of soft gels are, improve bioavailability, effectiveness and enhance dosage stability. Product line extention with soft gel gives opportunities for product differentiation via color, shape and size. They can be enteric coated or delayed release. We offer signature grade nutraceutical soft gel for condition specific requirements.

Please call or e-mail to receive our complete list              of itemized signature soft gels. 


Essential nutrients, help regulate the immune system, improves eye sight, healthy bone and enhance calcium absorption.

Strong antioxidant and essential nutrient for cells and heart muscle

Powerful antioxidant support eyes, skin, heart and immune system 

Essential component of cells and mitochondrial energy source. Supports cardio and immune function  

Essential fatty acids are the perfect addition for an overall healthy lipid program for the body.

Specialty soft gels, support healthy body composition, dieting goals, improve cardio function.

Reduces the risk of coronary heart issues. 

Super strength soft gel improves urinary track and immune health 

Supports healthy coat & skin, enhances joint mobility and bone density 

Vitamin A & D, Beta Carotene & Calcium 

Vitamin E Natural Synthetic and Complex


Astaxanthin, lutein & Lycopene

Heart Health 

Co Q 10 

Nutritional Oils   

Coconut Oils, EPO, Flaxseed, Lecithin...

Othe Speicials 

CLA, Nattokinase

Sunflower Oil, Garlic Chromium, & PS...

Fish Oils & Omega's

Krill Oil, Salmon Oil, Marine Lipid, Omega 3,6,9 & Omega 7 

Herbal Soft Gels

Cranberry, Pumpkin 

Seeds & more ...

Soft Gel for Pets 

Omega's & more..

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