Not Just a Manufacturer


We are committed to providing services and products that enable every one to lead a healthy life style.

NSUSA has many products currently under development that we are excited to be introduced to the market. Our products continue to be embraced by natural health stores around the world and we are confident we will transition this success to the North American market and worldwide. 

Guaranteed Fast & Reliable 

Manufacturing Turn Around

State-of-the-art facility and high speed equipment handles large capacity production. Equipment is maintained on preventive maintenance schedule by qualified engineers  and operated by a highly skilled work force.

All types of raw ingredients and packaging components are stocked as ready-to-use. As they are already laboratory tested for quality, released by QC and added to our huge inventory system by QA. 


We honor all orders as a priority. For first-time orders we work on a pilot batch to ensure a validated testing and steady production process.  


Highly-organized work process allows any product to move through the development cycle with fast speed and precision – resulting in quick production turn around within 4 to 5 weeks.

Dynamic & Exciting Service Team


We foster employee excellence and satisfaction by providing a work environment where ethical conduct, honesty and respect are recognized and valued throughout the organization. Our management team is an excellent motivator that attracts, retains and energizes our diverse and talented work force. We will oversease your project personally from start to finish. Experience our specialized and enhanced support services unlike any provided in this industry.


           Typical Work Flow for a Steady Production 


ORDER RECEIVED Review & Verifiy


DEVELOPMaster Manufacturing Record (MMR)


CREATE Production Batch Record (BPR)

 DAY 4

PROCURE Ingredients & Components 

DAY 5 to 10

COMPONENT-RECEIVE - Out of stock inventory

DAY 11

PHARMACY  - Weighing & Verification 

DAY 12

BLENDING - QC/QA  GMP Verification 

DAY 13-23

PRODUCTION - QC/QA Testing & GMP Verification 

DAY 24-26

PACKAGING QC/QA Review & GMP Verification 

DAY 27-30


QA Final Release & Ready for Shipping 


Note : Beyond 4 weeks, we retain one week on hand to trouble shoot if necessary.

    Technical Support Solutions 

  • Formulation Support, New Product Launch and R&D Sample

  • Maintain Kosher, Organic and Halal Certifications

  • Provide Gluten Free and Allergen-Specific Testing

  • Consulting & Regulatory Affairs

  • Resale Certification for Export

  • Branding, Sales & Marketing Support

  • Catalog Design & Printing

  • Website & Trade Show Materials

  • Science Report & Presentation

  • Technical Papers for Domestic/Export

  • Consulting & Regulatory Support

  • On-Site Storage, Easy Fulfillment and Drop-Shipping