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NSUSA has a leading role in nutritional supplements development with innovative products that are sold exclusively to doctors, chain drug stores and whole food markets. Ingredients used in these powerfull

products are backed by scientific research to complement traditional therapies.  

                                                                        Stock Formulas 


We proudly offer a line of exceptional formulas to be designed for any dosage forms of tablets, capsules, and powder mix. Our formulas are free of artificial flavors and colors, preservatives, gluten, non GMO and allergen [exception Sports Nutrition Formula]. For more information to private label a specific formula to be please  e-mail.  A signed NDA is required before release of a formulation.

Anti-Oxidant for Healthy Aging

Cognitive Support for Brain Health 

Diet & Energy for Weight Watchers

Sleep Support for Relaxation

Joint Support for Bone Health 

Detox Products for Inteternal Cleanse 

Cardio Support for 

Heart Health

Vision Products for Eye Health 

Libido Products for Men/Women

Cold & Immune Support 

Colon & Urinary Health 

Probiotics for Digestive Health 

Multivitamins for Men/Women 

Beauty Care for Hair/Skin/Nail

Sports Nutrition for Fitness & Body Building 

PreNatal Multivitamin for Women

Children's Multi-Vite Supplements 

Sugar Control for High Sugar Support  

Prostate Health for Men 

Whole Food Formulas 

Natural Health Solutions for Your Pet 


Successful solutions for common pet health conerns are offered with products made from natural ingredients in a solid dosage forms as tasty reward for your beloved pet. Pet Joint, Pet Skin & Coat, Pet Probiotics and Pet Omega's as soft gels, are available for private labeling. 

Joint Support is an advanced formula with Glucosamine Chondroitin for dogs from our pet supplement category. Our advanced joint formula has the synergistic combination of joint support factors comprised Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin Sulfate, Manganese and Vitamin C, providing relief for chronic joint pain, while optimizing a dog’s overall health and well being. 

Skin and Coat supplements provide the cells of the skin with the necessary nutrients to remain healthy. Our skin and coat supplements contain fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to support a beautiful, shiny coat and supple, healthy skin.

Pet Probiotic is a great value and Superior Quality Probiotic Blend shows consistent results combatting dog diarrhea, loose stool, yeast overgrowth, bad breath, constipation, itching & scratching, allergies, digestive issues, and gut related problems in pets. Formulated specifically for the dietary and health needs of your dog or cat. 

Omega 3 for Dogs, Fish Oil for Dogs. Softgels featuring pure and natural fatty acids that dogs lcrave. High levels of EPA and DHA helps dog alleviate allergies and increase brain function.

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